Ann’s first toy was a box of transistors, and she was soldering circuits by the age of 9.

In the sixth grade, Ann entered the world of science fair and ended up competing in a total of ten science fairs. All of her projects were in the area of alternative energy.
Fifteen year old Ann decided to invent a light source that wouldn’t require any batteries. She ended up creating the Hollow Flashlight, a flashlight that runs solely off the heat of the human hand.

Ann’s flashlight went viral and caused an international news frenzy as it scooped up top prizes at the Google Science Fair and the Intel Science & Engineering Fair.
By the time Ann finished grade 12, she had done three TEDx talks, presented her flashlight on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and was one of Times Magazine’s 30 Under 30 World Changers.

In order to balance her love of both the sciences and the arts, Ann decided to study English Literature in university and work on getting her patents/inventing outside of school.
Ann’s first year at university began with being the face of Uniqlo’s Heattech Fleece campaign and recieving the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award, which Obama was given the previous year.

Jimmy Fallon invited Ann back to debut her latest invention, the eDrink: a mug that harvests the excess heat of your hot drink and converts it into electricity to charge a phone.
Ann’s 2017 began with a bang - a spot on the Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list.

However Ann’s life was put on pause when she contracted encephalitis, and she spent the next five months recovering and doing physical therapy so her body could relearn how to walk, see, and move normally. 

Back in full health by the summer of 2017, Ann flew to Malibu to film with Miley Cyrus for her Converse Public Access Show.

Ann then sailed through the Northwest Passage on the Canada C3 Expedition, and represented Canada at the I7 in Turin (advisory conference to the political G7).
Ann began 2018 speaking at the Congreso Futuro in Chile, filming at Google IO and being named one of Glamour Magazine’s College Women of the Year.

Ann presented at the Atlantec Festival in Ireland, was on a panel at Forbes Impact Summit, and Argentina’s Ministry of Culture invited Ann to open the Y20 Summit.
In 2019, Ann returned to Chile to speak at Festival Internacional de Innovacion Social, the Think B!G Summit in Cleveland, and recieved the “Rising Star of the Year” title at the first Greentech Festival in Berlin held by Formula One champion Nico Rosberg.

Ann then took a step out of her usually science-oriented world and was accepted to study acting at the renowned Herbert Berghof Studios in New York City. 
Fully settled into NYC, Ann studied acting and worked on her line of childrens toys that ran off of green energy, which were profiled on CNN.

Ann also made time to speak at the Lili’uokalani Fund in Honolulu, Girl Scouts in Omaha, Red Bull University in Toronto, Durham College in Oshawa, and she worked with RBC on their Future Launch campaign.

Since the start of the pandemic, Ann resumed (albeit virtually) studying for her English Literature degree at UVic.

Before 2020 ended, Ann spoke virtually to an engineering program run by the University of Tennessee, a Workplace Skills summit for UVic Gustavson Business School, the Rukami Festival in Russia, and on a panel for Kids for Kids Habilin Phillipines.

This past fall, Entrepreneur Magazine named Ann on their annual “Young Millionaires” list.
Her toy (ad)venture has been put on hold, but she knows greener pastures lie ahead.

During 2021, Ann has hosted a science experiment for Rebel Girls Adventure Awaits Fest, spoke to King Abdullah’s University of Science and Technology undergrad students, presented to a program run by John Hopkin’s Center for Talented Youth, hosted Kahoot’s EDU Summit, and hosted a panel for Global Skills Day.

Ann’s aspirations for the near future include continuing to inspire others to help innovate a better future, beginning her on-camera career, writing her first book, getting her patented inventions onto market & directing her own scripts.